What’s The Worse That Could Happen When Driving Without License?

The basic requirement to able to drive in Australia is to possess a valid driver’s license. What happens when you get pulled over with not enough credits to present? If you are caught with Unlicensed driving QLD today, you not only be penalised with cash but you can also be subjected to prison time. So what actually happens when you get caught driving without a license?

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There could be several reasons why you don’t have your ID with you and this particular reason will affect the consequences of your QLD unlicensed driving. Forgetting your license will have a lighter penalty than actually driving with a suspended license. The infraction can only get you a citation at the very least which you can plead for to get dismissed. However, if you intentionally drove with a revoked license, you could actually lose your driving privilege for good. On top of that, you will have to serve jail time and pay massive amounts of fees.

First Thing to Do

Cooperate with the arresting officer after you are flagged down. Inform them ahead that you don’t have your license with you and the reason why. Remember that unlicensed driving in QLD is an offence that could get you arrested. However, if you show cooperation to the police officer, you may increase your chance of only getting a simple traffic violation citation.

Provide the correct personal details when asked. Using a false identity will only get you into more trouble. Eventually, the details provided will be looked into and you will be charged for falsifying information. Always be honest with your answers when caught in the act of unlicensed driving QLD area.

Legal Charges and Payments

As mentioned above, the weight of the charges will depend on the reason why you don’t have your license. The worse punishment for driving without a license is getting banned from driving for good. But in some cases, a citation and some community service is the only thing you have to do. The sooner you can settle the unlicensed driving QLD charges against you, the better.

One thing to also take note of unlicensed driving is that officers may impound your car. Unfortunately, the towing services will be put under your name including the storage charges in the impound lot. The vehicle will stay there until after you finish all your court appearance dates.

Furthermore, when you are able to drive again and are planning on getting an insurance plan for your car, your record will come hunting. Insurance companies will charge you with offencehigher principal amount due to your criminal record.

Who to Call

If you get arrested for driving without your license, call your attorney after you are charged to get an immediate advice for your situation. Find unlicensed driving QLD legal experts such as Roberston O'Gorman Solicitors who could defend you should you go under trial. It is also advisable to have a legal representative who understands traffic jurisprudence better when pleading your case. They are your biggest chance of reducing your jail time and fines.

Driving without a license is a severe offense. Remember this guide and call for legal help to settle all charges as soon as possible. For more details, please visit hhttp://www.robertsonogorman.com.au/unlicensed-driving-qld/.